Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dorky? Only a Little

Honestly, we're not as dorky as the first post (written by Nate Gardner) made us out to be. You don't need to be a super physics nerd or any kind of nerd to be on a robotics team. It just takes simple problem-solving skills. And also a good sense of humor, considering the fact that during the February 5th OMSI competition our robot's left motor kept going out and even produced "magic smoke" (as Nate had dubbed it). Then there's the other fact that our robot (whom I am now calling Chica) kept tipping over during the February 19th OSU competition. Despite many problems, robotics is still fun. And I say that against my better judgment, seeing as how I still think it's the nerdiest, dorkiest sport ever, but that's only because whenever I say, "I'm in robotics," people think I build robots to fight with other robots in a ring.