Hot Shot! 2009-2010 FTC Season (3563)

Back in 2010, there was only one FTC team in Central Oregon: Outback Robotics. We built a robot to play the Hot Shot game, which involved plastic balls in chutes on four corners of a field, where we needed to collect them and then score as many as possible in either the low goal or the spinning high goal. 3563 won two awards at its first and only qualifier at OSU in 2010. The rookie team was quickly loved among the FIRST community, and continued to encourage and inspire until it disbanded in 2011 to form the three Get Over It FTC teams in Central Oregon. Game info can be found at the FTC HotShot Page

Get Over It! 2010-2011 FTC Season (4666)

The robot played the Get Over It game. Four robots competed in teams of two on a field with six dispensers, 3 per alliance on the opposing side of the field. Dispensers were loaded with 15 batons each two magnetic batons were randomly loaded in the dispensers per team. The middle dispenser was loaded with an additional doubler baton that could be accessed only in autonomous mode. The field was divided by two cliffs on the far edges, leading to corrugated panels acting as goals. Inside of them were two bridges neutrally balanced. Between them, a 45° angle "mountain" kept the two sides completely separate. Robots could use any of the three types of passing alone or in conjunction to cross the field. Four rolling goals were positioned around the field, where teams could score for more points. The robot worked great in testing, but minor details kept it from great success at qualifiers. What we learned, however, was a far greater prize than anything we could have won at competition. The team's next competition is at Roboshock 2011, in OSU's Gill Coliseum. More info on the game can be found at FIRST's Get Over It Page.

Project: Inspire 2011

FIRST Tech Challenge teams aren't just about FIRST, or tech. We're here to inspire everyone no matter what their dream. For the year 2011, the team's goal is to inspire people about FTC to learn all the great values we have, but second, to simply inspire them, whatever they're trying to pursue. We hope to overflow our excitement to others, and we believe we are. The project involves presenting robotics programs to schools, friends, and acquaintances, but it also involves a way of living. We've been so inspired that it's only natural to see someone and encourage them, and that's what Project: Inspire 2011 is all about. We work in coopertition with our local teams as well as teams abroad to try and reach as many people as possible.

Bowled Over! 2011-2012 FTC Season

The Loco-Motives are at it again with Bowled Over. The focus is on design and game theory as we work hard to play the best game, not simply build the best robot. Robots compete on a 12' x 12' field with Sterelite crates, bowling balls, racquetballs, inclines, and magnets.

Game Info