The Loco-Motives are sponsored by some great businesses that are definitely worth your time!

Pixelworks Studios is a full service commercial studio that specializes in the book publishing industry. Not only do they produce great photography and design, but they help produce a great future by being the team's primary sponsor.


3 Peaks Computers is expert computer repair and service for its customers. Having a wide range of skills, they specialize in all computer needs from home PC's to university systems. They especially want to create a relationship with their customers to go beyond simple repair by offering what will truly benefit each individual customer. They have also gone beyond simple repair by donating a laptop for the team's software engineering.


If you'd like to graciously offer the team any form of sponsorship, it'd be greatly appreciated. Sponsorship is not just monetary. Although the team needs funding, any resources, contacts, advise, or otherwise are equally as important. You can contact Nate Gardner, team leader at (541) 639-1818 or email him at natejgardner@gmail.com. Thanks for helping your future technology leaders!