Saturday, February 26, 2011

Got a Little Tipsy

Well, at least the robot did. During our last qualifier at OSU, we fell over backwards climbing the mountain 4/5 times, and although we made attempts to fix it while we were there, the sad truth was that our thoughts were too dispersed to realize the actual problem. Check this out. Physics... ROCK. (At least when they're for us).


So as we powered up, momentum worked against us. Having this beautiful 45° angle conveyor meant 90° up the mountain. Which meant enough weight to fall over our fulcrum (the back wheels) and become a robot ghost. *WHY DIDN'T WE SEE THIS THEN?!?* The torque from the motors took all chances of survival away by adding just that extra bit of tipping power. Moving FASTER made us fall HARDER. Ouch.

Here's a possible solution.

Visualize more.

Just by moving the drive wheels to the front and the OMNIWheels to the back, we can eliminate the tipping. Any of the flipping momentum that may remain should just make the robot slide back down the mountain. We haven't tested this yet, so it's all in theory!!! But hopefully it will work.

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