Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Who's Inspired?

We are. FIRST Tech Challenge teams at SCA are a go.

Sisters, Oregon. 3/15/11. We began our epic journey of team-planting, and had the pleasure to inspire the middle school students at Sisters Christian Academy today. We were thrilled to see their faces light up with inspiration in seeing an incredible robot and getting hands on. In partnership with the Joulerbears of Bend, we quickly got them thinking. They are all engineers. Engineers you should watch out for. These guys are faster and smarter than us, and only in middle school. GENIUS! GENIUS I SAY!

After getting some info and getting to work on the robot hands on, the students all expressed interest in starting a team. We quickly took down 6 names and phone numbers (there were about 8 students) and are prepared to help start one, and maybe even two teams at the school. They will be the pioneers of Sisters in technology and business. They will explode the town with inspiration and dedication like never seen before. It's only a matter of time.

Of course, we're thankful to the Joulerbears for bringing field elements to help us present. Those guys are awesome!

For Inspiration, and Recognition of Science and Technology. WHERE ARE MY SAFETY GLASSES?!?!?
Cierra explains some of FIRST's basics
Some of the seriously inspired middle school students of SCA.
We inspired the elementary school too! FLL better watch out!
They drive.

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